Don't Rule Out Wine Tours When Choosing Your Next Vacation

11 June 2021
 Categories: Travel, Blog


Wine tours are enjoyable and educational experiences. Before booking a wine tour it's a good idea to know what all is involved, so you can get the most out of your wine tour experience.

Wine tours do include tours of vineyards, but some tours offer more. In addition to the traditional wine tasting activities, like touring the production area and wine tasting, some wine tours offer other events and activities.

Wine Cave Tours

Wine is aged in caves, and some wine tours include a tour into the catacombs where this all takes place. The tour guide informs guests of the underground aging process and the importance that cave temperatures play in creating a good wine.

Depending on the winery, the guide may offer guests a sample of wines from the barrels aging in the cool caves. If the barrels have tickets attached, the guests are allowed to pull a ticket from any wine they enjoy and purchase after the tour is completed.

Winery learning Tours

Wine boot camp tours are ideal for guests who want to be involved in the winery process. Guests spend a few days helping harvest and sort grapes. Once this work is done, guests also participate in both the blending and fermentation process of winemaking.

Another option is to visit an organic winery. Here, guests learn about sustainable winery methods and about the process of organic grape care. The guides offer demonstrations for guests in producing organic wine.

Wine Tour And Sports

Golfing and wine can be a relaxing combination. Many wineries have golf courses onsite. This means guests can enjoy 18 rounds of golf in the morning and a relaxing afternoon touring and sampling wines.

Some wine tours allow guests to tour the wineries on bicycles. Some wineries may also offer E-bikes. Check with the winery of choice for options.

Whether you prefer a guided tour or to go out on your own, wineries often offer both choices. During the tour, guests visit a few wineries and stop every few miles for rest and refreshments.

If you've considered wine tours but thought maybe they weren't for you, think again. Today's tours offer so many other activities that are fun, educational, and relaxing. With a little research or a call to your travel agent, you can find the perfect wine tour to create a memorable experience. For more information, contact a company like GREEN GODDESS PEDICABS.