Preparing To Stay In An Off-Grid Cabin

26 May 2020
 Categories: Travel, Blog


If you are making plans to rent an off-grid cabin, then you need to prepare ahead of time. Staying in a space without electricity or running water can be really fun, but only if you have the supplies you need and the right mindset. Here are some important preparatory steps to tackle in the days leading up to your off-grid cabin stay.

Stock up on non-perishable foods

Yes, you can pack foods like hot dogs in an ice-filled cooler and cook them over the fire. But you are not going to feel like cooking over a campfire every time you want to eat, and you probably don't have enough space in the cooler for several days' worth of food for several people. So, stock up on non-perishables that you can eat without heating up. Peanut butter, jelly, and bread for sandwiches work well. You can also pack granola bars, sturdier fruit like apples, pretzels, and nuts. Bring more than you think you need; staying in an off-grid cabin requires energy.

Bring lots of water

There may be a nearby stream that you can collect water from. (Make sure you sanitize the water first). But you should also bring along plenty of clean water just in case. A good starting point is to pack a gallon per person per day. This allows for a half-gallon of drinking water plus a little more for washing hands. You'll have to bathe in a stream if you want to actually wash your whole body, but if you're only staying for a few days, you can skip this altogether.

Pack a variety of clothing

Without a heater, fans, or an air conditioner to regulate temperature, you have to rely on clothing. Make sure you bring plenty of warm layers. Even if it's hot in the day, it may get cool in the evening, and you'll want to bundle up. Bring plenty of light clothes, too, so you don't get too warm if there's a heatwave.

Bring extra batteries

If you plan on using your phone or other electronics while staying in the cabin, make sure you pack some extra non-electric chargers or batteries. Or buy adapters so you can charge your devices from your vehicle. While you may plan on turning your phones off for some peace and quiet while you're on vacation, it is important to have the ability to charge and use them in case of emergency.

With the tips above, you can adequately pack and prepare for your stay in an off-grid cabin. Relax and remember to have fun.

Reach out to a cabin rental service for further information.