Book A Multiple-Day Charter Bus Trip

27 March 2020
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Hosting a senior travel group that is filled with insight about places that members visited in the past or locations that individuals would love to tour can be a fun way to fill your downtime. Use some of the mentioned travel destinations for a group tour. With a bus charter tour, you can customize your itinerary and provide your group members with a comfortable and reliable way to be transported to and from each destination.

Make the Trip Multi-Faceted

Your group members may have varying interests and this could lead to difficulty deciding upon one distinct destination. With a charter tour, you are not limited to choosing one venue or activity. Your trip can contain multiple legs, which will allow you to provide your travel group members with a fun-packed extravaganza that touches on many cultural, historical, or themed activities and sights.

For instance, if some of your members are interested in small seaside towns that feature eclectic shops and eateries and a few of your other group members are interested in baseball games or another sporting event, choose a tour that includes stopping at a couple towns, followed by attending a ballgame. You do not need to jam the trip into a short timeframe. If you have enough funding to support a longer trip and your group members are keen about visiting multiple locations, book a two- or three-day trip.

After each outing, your charter bus driver will transport everyone to the hotel that you have selected. After a good night's sleep, followed by a hearty breakfast, your driver will pick you and your companions up and will transport everyone to the next location that is listed on your itinerary. 

Give Your Members Some Guidance

Let each senior know what is in store so that they can prepare for the outing. Provide pamphlets or printouts that pertain to the locations that will be visited. Direct everyone to bring extra clothing, comfortable walking shoes, outerwear, cameras, spending cash, and medication. If you will be furnishing most or all of the meals, your group members won't be burdened with extra baggage or storage needs.

Make sure that your group plans include plenty of dining venue options, so that each person can select a diner or cafe that they prefer. Inform your members about meeting spots and times to guarantee that everyone will be ready to head out to the next part of the outing, at the time that you have scheduled with your charter bus driver.

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