3 Essentials to Look for When Searching for a Family Cabin Rental

16 July 2019
 Categories: Travel, Blog


Whether planning a reunion or just a fun weekend getaway with a few members of the family, the mountains can be a great destination. Even though there are many hotels and campsites available for lodging, renting a cabin ensures you and your family enjoys mountain living to its fullest. Of course, navigating the various cabins that are available to rent can be overwhelming. With this guide, you will learn a few essentials you need when looking for a log cabin for rent.

The View

If you are staying in the mountains, you should want to see the mountains. When booking a cabin, be sure to choose one that offers a view of the mountains. You and your family will enjoy cooking out, dining, or just relaxing on a deck or porch that offers a view of the mountains. Even a view of the woods or a far-off mountain range will be more appealing than sitting on a hotel balcony overlooking restaurants or a parking lot.

The Hot Tub

Another essential item you will want your cabin rental to have is a hot tub. In most cases, the hot tub will be on the deck or porch, allowing you to relax in the jetted water while enjoying the mountain view.

The hot tub does not have to be big enough to accommodate each of your family members. However, it should be large enough for a few family members to use comfortably at a time. Children can enjoy spending some fun time in the hot tub while grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and couples can spend some alone/romantic time in the hot tub after the kids go to bed.

Many rental agencies do charge a fee for not only cleaning the cabin, but for also cleaning the hot tub, which can increase the cost of your rental, but it will be worth the expense.

The Game Room

Hiking, fishing, kayaking, white water rafting, and even horseback riding are all activities many families enjoy together when vacationing in the mountains. Staying in the cabin can also be fun if there is a game room.

Today, many cabin owners equip their rentals with elaborate game rooms that include pool, ice hockey, foosball tables, and even arcade machines. Not only will the game room provide the children with entertainment, but you and the other adults will also enjoy some downtime in this space.

Make sure to select a cabin rental with these essentials if you want your family to have an enjoyable and memorable mountain vacation.