Making Your Next Move Less Stressful

15 March 2019
 Categories: Travel, Blog


There are few tasks that a person will have to do that require more labor and planning than moving to a new home. Despite the voluminous amounts of planning and labor that are needed for a move, there are strategies that can be used to reduce the stress and difficulty of moving to a new home.

Thoroughly Clean Items As You Pack Them

It can be tempting for a person to rush through packing their items. However, taking a few moments to quickly clean the items that are being packed can dramatically reduce the amount of dust and dirt that you transport to your new home. At a minimum, these items should be wiped with a cloth so that any dust and allergens are removed.

Avoid Using Old or Worn Boxes for the Move

You will likely need a large number of boxes to be able to effectively pack all of your items for the move. Buying these boxes can quickly become a major expense, and individuals will often attempt to find free boxes to use. Unfortunately, this can lead to them using boxes that may be excessively worn, warped, or otherwise weakened. Using these boxes for the move can prove to be expensive as they are less likely to offer sufficient support and protection to the items you put in them. This can lead to your possessions being at a higher risk of being broken or damaged. When moving items that are particularly heavy, the boxes should be reinforced with heavy-duty tape.

Contact a residential moving service to find out if they can help you pack your things or provide you with boxes.

Consider the Needs of Your Pet Throughout the Move

Pets will often experience intense stress during the process of moving to a new home. As a result of this stress, some animals may become more likely to misbehave or become aggressive. Fortunately, there are fairly simple steps that pet owners can take to make the move easier on their animal. When packing the items in your home, you should leave your pet's toys and bedding for last. Once these items become disturbed, the pet may rapidly start to become stressed. For those that will need to drive long distances to the new home, placing the pet's favorite blanket or toy in the carrier can provide a valuable source of reassurance. Regretfully, some pets will simply be far more prone to anxiety and stress. These pet owners may need to get a mild sedative from their veterinarian to help keep their animal calm throughout this process.