3 Benefits Of An Escorted Group Tour For Solo Travelers

8 January 2019
 Categories: Travel, Blog


When traveling overseas by yourself, you may be tempted to go it alone and take in the sights all on your own. While this can be a great experience, an escorted group tour is often an even better option for solo travelers. On an escorted group tour, you get to join fellow adventurers under the guidance of a local expert. Here are a few of the biggest benefits of this mode of international travel:

No More Language Barrier

One of the biggest benefits of an escorted group tour is that your tour guide will speak the local language. When traveling abroad, being unable to read signs and menus or have basic conversations with the locals you meet can really put a damper on things. You may feel like you are only scratching the surface of your destination without the ability to speak the local language. A tour guide will speak both languages well enough that they can smooth things over, help translate signs and menus, and help you converse with the people you meet.

Less Time Spent Worrying

Another major benefit of joining an Asia escorted group tour is that it helps eliminate most of the stress involved in international travel. Instead of spending time worrying about booking your next excursion, train trip, or hotel room, you can simply relax and enjoy your vacation.

Since escorted small group tours are expertly planned, your days will flow seamlessly, and there will be a good balance between cultural outings, sightseeing, delicious meals, and relaxation time. Your evenings will be free to do what you please rather than spending that time planning your next day of sightseeing.

Shared Memories With New Friends

While solo travel can be rewarding, it can also be a bit lonely. On an escorted small group tour, the group size is small and manageable rather than overwhelming, and you will still have alone time. The small size of the tour group means that you will bond with each other during outings and excursions, and likely become friends with some of your fellow travelers. This will make your international adventure so much more rewarding, and you will know that you have shared something special with the group.

As you can see, joining an escorted group tour can enrich your travels in many ways. By signing up for an escorted group tour on your next international adventure, you can experience these benefits for yourself.