Vacation Ideas For History Buffs

12 December 2018
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Choosing where to go on your next vacation can be a fun and exciting. It can also be difficult to choose from among all of the many places you can go. If you end up looking online at the travel and tourism sites, you might get so overwhelmed at the sheer number of places that you can go on your vacation that you might not be able to pick one. That's why it is a good idea to have some sort of theme in mind before you choose a vacation spot. Some people want to travel to see the ocean, others might want to travel to see a large wonder of nature. If you are someone who loves history, then you can narrow down the travel choices to places that are perfect for history buffs. Here are some to consider.

In The USA: Gettysburg

If you are looking to stay in the USA, and don't feel like traveling internationally, then one of the best places to visit for a history buff is Gettysburg. This is the site of one of the most historically important battles of the civil war. You can take a guided tour where there will be someone to show you where the crucial events happened and go over who the major players were. It's one of the most well preserved sites of the civil war, and it's also not too expensive. So, if you are on a budget and don't feel like  traveling around the world, this is a great choice.

South America: Machu Picchu

If you are interested in South America, and would like to visit someone that has impressive historical importance, than check out the ancient city of Machu Piccu in Peru. You can see the iconic ruins and ancient city that has been featured in countless movies and magazines. There are guided tours or you can explore the ruins yourself. There are some particular climbs that are notoriously dangerous, so you will want to make sure you ask the experts there which walks to take.

Middle East: Egypt and Holy Land Travel Tours

One of the most amazing travel ideas for history buffs is a tour of the Holy Land or Egypt. You will see some of the worlds most important sites (the Great Pyramids, Jerusalem, for instance). These locales have so much to offer that it is really important that you spend the time and look into a travel operator that will provide you with a guide who will bring you to the various points of interest and also facilitate any permits or entrance fees and papers that you will need.

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